The open concept space has become popular in recent times with an increasing focus on limiting the use of niche rooms, like dining rooms. Open living helps in adding space to the home without changing its footprint.

Benefits of Open Concept

There are many benefits to an open concept floor plan, the first being an increase the natural light coming into the home.Additionally, an open concept can improvetraffic patterns and help considerably in enjoying your stay in the home.

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Before you rush to knock out the walls in your home, let’s take a look at some of the concerns when creating an open concept.

Removing Walls, Installing Headers

Evaluating the space

The first thing that you should consider for creating an open concept is hiring a licensed general contractor like J Edwards Construction Group to handle the job. Why? A licensed contractor will provide proof of their capabilities and experience in these types of projects. When you assign the job to a licensed contractor, you get the chance to observe the project from a technical perspective. The contractor can review the existing floor plan of your home and suggest improvements for creating the open concept. The contractor will evaluate your home and find the load-bearing walls. In such cases, a contractor’s expertise can prevent your home from collapsing into debris.

Checking the underlying components

The next important element which you should focus on relates to the underlying components in the wall you intend to remove. Professionally, the Best Beam Installers would look for any underlying components such as plumbing, wiring, or HVAC ducts in the wall. Even though DIY measures can help you deal with wiring such as through re-routing the wires, plumbing and HVAC can require professional intervention. So, once you have identified that the wall is not load-bearing and you can deal with the underlying components in the wall, then you have the green signal to remove the wall. In such cases, you would not require to install a header.

Some concerns for installing headers

Your Residential Construction Cost can increase if the wall is load-bearing due to the requirement of headers. In these instances, you must remove the studs and install a header beam with the support of jack studs at the ends. One of the important factors in the selection of a header is the duration of support for a span and the weight on the header. Professional assistance is very helpful in sizing the header appropriately. For example, in the case of longer spans, you may need a steel flitch plate rather than plywood for the header.

If you have decided to have an open concept for your home, contactJ Edwards Construction Group to handle your residential construction projects.Contact their website, or call them on (727) 263-0789 today.

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