Attic And Walls Insulation

When it’s blazing hot outside, there’s nothing like escaping inside to a cool house. But it isn’t just your central air-conditioning keeping things comfortable. Between the walls of your home is a pink fuzzy substance that resembles cotton, better known as insulation.

Attic And Walls Insulation

Insulation in your walls and attic helps maintain an ideal temperature inside your home. Proper insulation also helps in defending heat absorption in the summer and heat loss during the winter.

When you have a perfect amount of Insulation, you can significantly increase the thermal performance of your home and lower heating and cooling bills. However, to enjoy the maximum benefits, you need to choose the best insulation. So, let’s have a look into some best types of insulation that you can use in attic and walls.


1. Fiberglass

The most insulation in modern homes that is a non-flammable fantastic insulation material. The best quality fiberglass can effectively minimize the heat transfer rate. However, the most significant disadvantage of this material is the danger of handling. The fiberglass is made of glass powder, woven silicon, and small pieces of glass. So, if it breaks, it may harm you. But if you follow the process carefully, it can be installed easily.

R-Value*:  R-2.9 to R-3.8.

Cost: $0.64 – $1.19 per square foot.

(Insulation is calculated in R values. Here R stands for resistance to heat feature. If the insulation material has a higher amount of R-value, then you will enjoy a better result in heat transfer).

2. Polystyrene

This is a waterproof foam insulation. It also is a high temperature and sound insulation material which is used in both home and different commercial buildings. Polystyrene comes in two different types: EPS or expanded, and XEP or extruded.

EPS comes with a smooth surface. This is perfect for wall insulation. However, it is highly flammable, and you need to coat it with the fireproofing chemicals, such as HBCD or hexabromocyclododecane.

R-Value: XEPS – R- 5.5; R-value of EPS will be R-4

Cost: $6 per 4 x 8 feet sheet

3. Mineral Wool

Want to install new attic insulation which can offer you the best result? Then go for mineral wool insulation. This material can be a mixture of a different form of insulations, such as glass wool, developed from recycled glass or rock wool made of basalt. Another one can be the slag wool, created from the slag. You can purchase this in the form of loose material or batts.

However, if you were planning to use them in the areas with extreme heat, this is not a perfect material for you. Choose recycled newspaper insulation if you are looking for a cheaper option.

R-Value:R-2.8 to R.3.8.

Cost: $16 per square foot

Whichever you choose, proper insulation can help keep your home warm or cool and keep your utility bills in check.

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